Jingjiang College Successfully Completed Carried out the Students’ Returning Work and the Work of Registering New St...    (2022-09-13 16:47:34)

Our College Leaders Went Deep into Functional Departments and Secondary Departments    (2022-08-31 17:55:19)

Our College Held a Leading Group Meeting on Independently Selected Majors Work    (2022-08-23 14:30:24)

College Leaders Checked the Admission Work    (2022-07-21 16:21:12)

The Heads of University Inspected the Safety Work in Jingjiang College    (2022-06-06 15:22:03)


College Leaders Went into the Front Line of Teaching Areas    (2022-09-27 17:01:33)

Our College Won Prizes in the Jiangsu TI Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition    (2022-08-30 16:50:15)

Our College Organized and Carried Out the Training on Counselors' Heart to Heart Talk Skills    (2022-05-04 16:21:01)

Our College Held a Safety and Stability Work Meeting    (2022-04-08 16:21:17)

Our College Held an Online Teaching Research Meeting    (2022-04-08 15:26:15)

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