College Leaders Checked the Admission Work    (2022-07-21 16:21:12)

On the morning of July 19th, the dean of the college, Zhao Xicang, led a team to the college's admission work site to check the admission work, understand the progress of the admission work, and warmly express condolences to the staff. Wu Liping, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of the College, Chen Liyong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and heads of relevant functional departments participated in this meeting.

At the meeting, the college leaders had a detailed understanding of the overall situation, enrollment process, and subsequent work arrangements of our college's enrollment this year.

Zhao Xicang affirmed the process of the enrollment work, expressed condolences to all the staff, and put forward requirements for the next step of work. Zhao Xicang said that the recruitment work is important and complex for it is related to the quality of talent training of the college. He put forward the requirements of "eight words" for admission staff: serious, rigorous, disciplined and standardized. He stressed that we should fully realize the importance of enrollment, strictly implement the enrollment policies of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education and the University, strictly enforce the discipline of enrollment, practically safeguard the fairness and justice of enrollment, and ensure that the enrollment work will be completed with high quality in 2022.

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