Our College Leaders Went Deep into Functional Departments and Secondary Departments    (2022-08-31 17:55:19)

On August 29th, the leaders of the college led a team to go deep into all functional departments and secondary departments, and check the preparations for the beginning of the new semester.

The leaders of our college asked about the current condition of the faculty and staff, learned about the arrival of the faculty of each unit, required each unit to further study and implement the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, effectively strengthen the construction of the unit's clean government culture, and do all the work for the detailed start of college. At the same time, they encouraged everyone to have new achievements in the new semester to ensure the safety, harmony and stability of the campus.

School leaders checked the first day of online teaching.

According to the visit, the staff of the college have a good spiritual outlook, and lay a good foundation for the work of the college in the new semester.

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