Our College Held an Online Teaching Research Meeting    (2022-04-08 15:26:15)

  On April 8th, our college held an online teaching research meeting in Conference Room 306 of the Administrative Building. Zhaoxicang, President of the college, Wangguolin, vice president, and Chenliyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, listened to the work report about the teaching operation.

    Zhaoaijie, deputy director of the teaching department, reported the measures and follow-up plans taken by the teaching department to ensure the homogeneity and equivalence of online and offline teaching from the aspects of teachers' teaching status, students' attendance, classroom discipline, supervision and attendance opinions, and students' information feedback.

    After listening to the report, the leaders of the college not only affirmed the teaching work, but also gave guidance to the existing problems and put forward clear requirements. Chenliyong stressed that teachers' online teaching should strengthen classroom control, increase interaction, activate the atmosphere and improve classroom effect. Wangguolin asked the teaching department to study the actual problems in the operation of online teaching, make relevant plans, and do more detailed and practical monitoring of teaching quality.

  Zhaoxicang stressed four following steps. Firstly, it is necessary to further clarify the relevant management requirements, list out the list and formulate the teaching assessment system. Secondly, it is necessary to further improve the system and always establish an effective quality monitoring system around the construction of morality and morality. Thirdly, it is necessary to do a good job in the department accounts and establish the department special report system. Also, we should always use our brains to work creatively in practical work.

  This meeting promoted the teaching department to comprehensively sort out the current teaching operation, further consider the follow-up plan, and laid a foundation for the next step to do a good job in teaching operation and ensure the teaching quality.

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