Our College Won Prizes in the Jiangsu TI Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition    (2022-08-30 16:50:15)

Recently, the 2022 Jiangsu TI Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition was successfully completed in Jiangsu. Our college actively organized to participate in this competition, winning one first prize and two second prizes, and successfully promoted to the 2023 National Competition.

Three teams composed of 9 students from the College of Electrical and Information Engineering of our school participated in the competition and all won prizes. It shows solid subject knowledge, strong innovative design ability and engineering practice ability of our students, as well as the climbing spirit of constantly challenging themselves and forging ahead in the competition.

Our college attaches great importance to the development of discipline competitions, and has made new breakthroughs and achievements in various competitions. It shows the positive effects of the training mode of promoting teaching, learning and innovation through competitions.

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